Only a few years after Patterns Ltd. started, he lost his warehouse studio to the gentrification taking place along the north end of San Francisco's Embarcadero. He heard about buildings being leased at the Hunters Point Shipyard -- in 1976, Triple A, a ship repair company, had secured a 10-year masterlease when the Navy decommissioned the yard. Jacques jumped at the chance to be back at Hunters Point and set up his new studio along the docks near the big crane.

Over the years, buildings that Triple A had not leased gnawed on Jacques' mind - like the found objects he used to make his art - maybe other artists would like to have studios on the yard. In 1984 his vision became reality when he founded "The Point", which would grow to become the largest artist colony the nation at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Although he was in his 60's, he and his friends and family crawled under dilapidated buildings, replaced rusted water lines and boarded up windows, re-established electrical service and built walls to make the art studios. The Point now houses studios for over 300 artists and some small businesses and has expanded to a second location Islias Creek Studios, also in San Francisco, California.

Regarding Jacques

Jacques has always been a force of nature; always moving, leaving chaos and order in his wake. Pioneering tenants half his age marveled at the boundless energy of this diminutive, balding man, peering out from thick spectacles atop a prominent proboscis, or stared speechless at his famously tactless commentaries. Long before Nike, Jacques epitomized the meaning of "Just do it!" And he did a lot.

Scott Madison
Long-time SY tenant, friend and former co-conspirator in banishing the Missouri and stealing the SY from the Navy.